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Puppy Racing

Todays Pixel Love pick is Puppy Racing and there is an interesting Nitrome related link to this game. The game is more than a bit old and back when it was made Nitrome was still relatively new so we often did some bits of work on the side of the games we did at Nitrome. One of those bits of work was for this game. Mat and Jon worked on the rotations for some of the racers in the game. To be clear we did not design the game...that was someone else...just a little sprite work. Still it's an interesting fact that we thougth you might like to know :)

The game itself is a Mario Kart clone that uses the Mode 7 type effect that so many games addopted at one point in flash before full 3d became possible at realistic speeds. It's no Mar…


Hi Nitromians,

we realise it has been a frustrating wait for this but Green Ninja: Year of the Frog is now live on the website. This is just the Unity build so if your using Chrome which turned off Unity a few months back your going to have to swap browser I'm afraid. We would suggest Firefox.

We are hoping to put Vault live next week and then launch Beneath the Lighthouse as close to the mobile release as we can manage...ideally the same day. We then hope to stick with this on releases going forward.

We hate to over promise as things usually go wrong but this is our intent at this moment in time.

For those interested we are still intending to persue WebGL versions of all the Unity games. We have been trying to do this for a…


Upcoming: Rust Bucket

Hi Nitromians,

we have a brand new game in the works called Rust Bucket...Yay! But first some bad news...

The game we were working on called Plod is no more…Booo! What happened? Some projects just don’t turn out as fun as you expect them to be and that was the case with plod. It was fun to move around but though we kept trying we could not make very many things that were fun as a challenge to move past.

The upside of this is that we started a new project which is a refresh of our old icon game Turnament! It’s a game that we really wanted to go back to and flesh out much as we did with Gunbrick. The Plod game even helped us in making this as it was at the same viewpoint with the same depth sorting  issues so a lot of that engi…


Hey nitromians, 

Today's Pixelove game is called A Stroll in Space

by Big Dino games.

In it you play as a cute lil astro dude/dudette who is rudely awoken by a HUGE space squid... sounds like our type of game already!

You explore the space station avoiding its many hazards and space nasties until you unlock 'the monkey' (yes that's right, I said monkey!). After which you will have use of the awe defying red button which does some rather neat things to gravity. 

This game has lots of lovely touches (especially the mid-ground and foreground animations). It fits in with the types of browser games we love to look at and play. So much so infact that you might even be mistaken at first glance that its one of our very own.

What do you guys think of A Stroll in Space?

Happy gaming.



by Jon

Ultimate Briefcase

Hi Nitromians,

we have been making and publishing it’s own titles on the App Stores now with increasing success and we have now decided to branch out and develop a publishing program!

The first title under Nitromes publishing wing will be 'Ultimate Briefcase'. It is being developed by a very talented developer named Stefan Åhlin and his new studio ‘Quite Fresh’. Stefan actually worked at Nitrome in the past on many of our hit web games before leaving to pursue other things. We remained in contact since then and were thrilled to see us be able to team up again!

In 'Ultimate Briefcase' your tasked with surviving an onslaught of bombs with nothing to protect you but your trusty briefcase. There are many bomb types and power ups …


Hey nitromians,

Todays pixelove is Birdy fruit by the talented pixelpushing team Fliptic.

It's a relatively simple concept in which you must flap your avian friends wings to guide him to safety. The catch is that you only have control of the altitude but not the direction making the game a whole lot trickier. oh yeah and theres a whole buch of traps, enemies and fruit in there too!

If anybody's got a cool game recommendation for a future Pixelove feature then please shout it out in the comments below. (preferably a Flash based pixelart based game)

Happy gaming ;)



by Nitrome

Hey Nitromians,

Beneath the lighthouse has lots of cool features that work with the touch and rotate mechanic icluding the rather cool SPONGES!. As you can see the sponges react to the players touch making them inflate when your finger or mouse is pressed down.

We'll be filling you in with some of the other cool features soon so keep your eyes and ears peeled (not literally, that'd be gross!)

Check back for lots more gaming news next week. 

by Jon

Hey Nitromians,

It's Friday again after another busy week at Nitrome towers,

What nicer way to round off the week with another cool little teaser of our next game Beneath the Lighthouse!

As you can see it's a little reminiscent of our old classic Roly Poly and Ditto combined. This time though we have really went to town on the game and taken the game to brand new heights.

We really are super pleased with how this one is turning out, so expect lots of news on some of the cool new mechanics and traps soon.

Until then happy gaming and have a great weekend.

p.s Remember to check back soon as we have plenty of gaming news coming your way. =)




by Markus

Amazon Underground!

Hey Nitromians,

Great news, Nitrome is part of Amazons new gaming service Amazon Underground - "what's that?" I hear you say!

Well in a nutshell it's a brand new gaming service that lets players download games (many of them pay for titles or Freemium with nasty pestering In App purchases) for FREE! with absolutely no catches whatsoever. 

We got on board with the launch of this service and at this very moment you can get Gunbrick and 8Bit Doves at zero cost. All you need is an Android phone and the Amazon Underground App! 

There is more info via the link provided where you can download the Underground App via your Android devices or FireHD and Fire HDX Tablets. 

Happy Gaming =)

by Jon

Hey Nitromians,

We have just released a brand new Pixelove called Through by Goshki (Originally made for the #gbjam4 competition). What may appear at first to be a simple platformer soon becomes something entirely different (after the first few tutorial levels that is!). Levels are literally flipped around on there heads as you discover you can 'push' through walls, thus allowing you to traverse unexplored platforms. 

The graphics on this one may be simple, but we are a sucker for a interesting mechanic making this a worthy addition to our Pixelove series. 

Apologies for missing the usual pixelove Mondays guys and gals. It was a Bank holiday (public holiday) here in the UK yesterday.

Some of you may be aware that we are still wi…


Check out this second teaser for our next game to be released 'Beneath the Lighthouse' Coming soon to iOS, Android and the Web.

by Mat

Hey Nitromians,

This weeks pixellove game is Duke Dashington by the extremely talented Jussi Simpanen over at Adventure islands.

Join our eentrapped explorer Duke in his quest through trap filled Temples. You have 10 seconds to escape each room and only your reflexes and dashing ability to save you from impending doom.

We'll... What are you waiting for get to work old bean, Tally-Ho!!!

p.s I've still been trying to wrap my head around how the Pixelove backend works for uploading, apologies again for the slight delay.

p.p.s If you like this game then show your support to the dev and download the full title on your mobile! 

by Jon

New Game in the making!


We’ve been working on a new game that will be called Go Pogo. Here is a screenshot, as you can see it revolves around a pogo stick jumping mechanic. 

We’ve used our old Flash game, Ribbit as a reference, and although we didn’t think Ribbit was the most striking or popular of our games, it appeared to be a good fit for a game to expand and revisit for a touch screen interface.

Go Pogo will be level based, but we are planning to have some unexpected game modes thrown into the mix.

On a side note, we’ve noticed a pogo game that came out on the app store last week: Zombie’s Got a Pogo. As expected from the title and mechanic, some similarities came to our attention. Hey this happens, we can’t consistently get unique ideas that…


Pixellove Inversia!

Hey Nitromians,

Today's (we'll cough cough... yesterdays) Pixel love is called Inversia by Gabriel Robertson.

You are a lone guy trapped in an alien hostile environment. Your captors, a strange alien race label you as a living weapon!

Using your new found special abilities of gravity control you must try to escape your tormentors.

This game may remind some of you of the rather famous indie title VVVVV. Although it has the same mechanic there is much to like about the world atmosphere and new traps in Inversia. Tight controls have been nailed and we are sure that you'll have a lot of fun with it.

As ever if you have any suggestions of games you love and would like to see feature on our pixellove site then please let us know in the comments below.

More games news coming soon. Until then, happy gaming. =)

by Jon

Why Pixellove so late?

Hey nitromians,

Phew it's been a long week here at Nitrome HQ. 

Some of our more keen eyed followers may have noticed that we have missed the last few Pixelove game releases.

To fill you in on the unfortunate situation we are still looking for a somebody to fill in our web role at Nitrome. This has led to a slip in all things website related whilst we try to absorb the weekly tasks into our own. Through no fault of any party there has been a change of plan and we are now looking for a new web developer.

This weeks (rather late) Pixelove game is Tough Love Machine by Andrew Morrish.

You take control of a long armed gloved machine and try to connect the two hearts on each stage. The neat sound, bright zingy retro graphics and head scratching puzzles makes this a fine addition to our pixelove catalogue.

We should be bringing you a Pixelove next week (fingers and toes crossed) ;)

As ever any suggestions on any Pixelove games you would like to see featured then please let us know. 

by Jon

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