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Play Tiny Airships!

This week's Pixel Love game is Tiny Airships!

If you are a long time player of our pixel love choices, you probably know by now that we absolutely love Game Boy styled graphics and the colour palette. This game really stood out to us with it's great pixel art and style.

Have fun Nitromians, we'll bring you another gem next week!

by Nitrome

Silly Sausage Vine!

Go SUPERSIZE! With Silly Sausage our latest game coming to a device near you.

by Nitrome

Hi Nitromians,

We're thrilled to announce that within it's first week Magic Touch had over 1 million downloads on iOS (1.1 million to be more accurate)!

That makes it already our most downloaded free game on mobile so far and we are super happy it has gone down as well as it has.

Because it has done so well we have already started work on an update for the game that will add more content so you can look forward to more about that when we have somthing to show :)


by Mat

Play Fluffball!

Hi Nitromians!

We mentioned a few days ago that we had a little surprise for our browser audience coming. We realise that with Magic Touch sadly not being available on the website, that it has left a bit of a gap in our release schedule. Hopefully that shouldn't be for too long, but we have also been far too aware for a long time of repeat comments asking about our unreleased game, Fluffball.

Fluffball was a game that was made all the way back in 2007 under a deal that we had with Miniclip. We finished the game and Miniclip posted it on the back of their site but both parties agreed that we weren't happy with the finished game. The game stalled at this point and after several revisions the game was never officially released.


Hi Nitromians!

We recently heard that some of you were experiencing issues wherein older versions of Platform Panic was displaying on the game page. We have fixed this and now the character upgrades are back!

Apologies for this, some old files must have copied over during the accounts upgrade. I am still working towards fixing the game comments. The issue is much more complex than I first thought. The comments are still there though. It seems that it is a memory allocation issue.

Thanks for your patience. Seeing as this is turning into a little bit of a site maintenance post, how about letting me know of any other issues you may be experiencing? I will list them and work to sorting them out.

Thanks again for your continued help!

by Tom

Hi Nitromians,

Were thrilled to say that we have once again won some categories at the Annual Pocket Gamer Awards! Platform Panic won ‘Best Action/Arcade Game’ and Nitrome won ‘Best Developer’. 

A massive thank you to everyone who voted and congratulations to the other winners! We are thrilled to be among such great games!

by Mat

Play Canabalt!

Today's Pixel Love game is Canabalt by Adam "Atomic" Saltsman!

We have been fans of this one for a long time. The premise is simple enough. Keep running, don't fall! The graphics are great and the game uses his awesome Flixel engine.

There are so many hazards to keep yourself aware of in this one.

It has been a while and whilst rusty, we have managed to escape to 1555m!

How far can you get?

by Nitrome

We have had some fantastic reviews of Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire so we thought we would do a little round up of some of them before the weekend.

"Magic Touch is a brilliant, sharply addictive arcade blast that makes brilliant use of your phone or tablet's touchscreen." Pocket Gamer 9/10 (Gold Award)

Magic Touch - Wizard for Hire [Free] is perhaps their best effort at being casual yet gamer-friendly. It's got touch-friendly controls, but very quickly ramps up into an incredible challenge to face down. Touch Arcade 4/5

Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire delivers excellent crafted touch based enjoyment that is a must have. Applenapps 4.5/5

I highly recommend checking out Magic Touch if you are looking for an intense arcade game and have enjoyed Nitrome’s offerings in the past - App Advice

We hope that you have been enjoying our latest game, have a great weekend everyone!

by Nitrome

Alert all Apple product owning Nitromians!

Apple have just started a really cool sale called Amazing Indie Games! I am thrilled to say that our game Gunbrick is featured in the sale and you can currently pick it up for a heavy discount!

All the games in the sale are at least 50% off for a limited time!

by Nitrome

Hi Nitromians,

We're thrilled to see that one of our favourite celebrity Youtubers, Lonnie, has done one of his funny features on our new game Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire.

For people who liked this, you may also be interested to know that he also did a video for Endless Doves and Roller Polar which you can check out with these links:

Roller Polar

Endless Doves

by Nitrome

Magic Touch - OUT NOW!

Hi Nitromians,

If you didn't already see from the various marketing assets that popped up round the site yesterday our latest ‘FREE’ mobile game ‘Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire’ has now landed on your local app store!

It is available on Apples App Store, the Google Play Store and Amazons App Store. If you have a mobile device and have read this far without rushing to download it then what are you waiting for? If your waiting for the browser version to hit then I’m afraid your out of luck this time as we built Magic Touch in a language that is not easy to port to the browser so that’s not going to happen. The good news is that we don’t intend to make a habit of this and our next game will be heading your way shortly. Also we may have a special secret something lined up for you browser only folk that should make up for it a bit... shhhh you didn't hear that.

by Nitrome

Hey Nitromians,

Firstly, thanks to everyone that has voted for our mobile games in this year's PGAwards!

The voting will close on Friday, so if you haven't voted yet, you still have a chance!

Click to go to PGAwards 2015!

Just as a re-cap, here are the categories which we have been nominated for!

  • Best Action/Arcade Game (Platform Panic)
  • Best Casual/Puzzle Game (Icebreaker)
  • Android Game of the Year (Icebreaker, Platform Panic)
  • iOS Game of the Year (Platform Panic)
  • Best Developer (Nitrome)
  • Overall Game of the Year (Platform Panic)

Thanks again everyone, we really appreciate all the votes we get!

by Nitrome

Play Snailiad!

This week's Pixel Love game is Snailiad!

We really enjoyed playing this one. You play as a snail that is tasked with finding missing snails. We thought that the wall climbing mechanic was quite a fresh idea as was using the snails shell as a shield. This one has boss fights, power ups and more. The Music is also great!

Click to Play Snailiad!

Apologies for the late Pixel Love choice everyone, I was at home with the flu! We hope you enjoy playing this one! More Pixel Love next week!

by Tom

Hi Nitromians!

We are currently experiencing some issues with the game comments. I have been looking into these for the past two days and think we might be able to get them sorted soon. We will hopefully get them back online next week, until then, have fun playing our games in peace and quiet!

Have a great weekend everyone!

by Tom

Hi Nitromians,

We're thrilled to announce that our next mobile game Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire will be hitting App stores next week.

The game will be free and coming to the Apple App store, Google Play store and the Amazon App store. In the meantime, you can enjoy the spanking new trailer for the game :)

by Nitrome

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