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Play Iridescent!

Todays Pixel Love game is Iridescent!

The game takes you on an adventure to find a mystical flower with multi-coloured petals. This flower is a cure that can help revive your friend!

The art style reminded us a little bit of our game Ditto. The music is very atmospheric, we really got immersed in this one.

The game play will find you solving puzzles using a unique crystal mechanic. There are different coloured crystals that have different effects when "blessed"

Click to Play Iridescent!

We hope you enjoy this one, we'll bring another pixel love title to your attention next week!

by Nitrome

Hi Nitromians,

Platform Panic update #2 is out now on App Store and Google Play

So what can you expect to see this time?

Lots of new content:

We've doubled the number of rooms and filled them with new traps for your own enjoyment: lasers, spike balls, crucher blocks and more... and the very last model of our robot enemy now more aggressive and intelligent!

On the cosmetic side of things, Helm gave these rooms a new background, a jungle theme crossed with various elements from classic games! 

Finally, the game now keeps track of the rooms that you have completed, and if you're up for the challenge, you can try to complete as many room layouts as possible and be rewarded by a new set of achievements!  

We really appreciate your continued interest in Platform Panic, enjoy the update and thanks for playing!

by Romain

Play Crayon Poke!

Play this very stylish platformer Crayon Poke (from the creator of Nitrome Jam Game "A Kitty Dream"). Use crayons to scale hard to reach places! This game was created in 72 hours LudumDare 32.

This version has been cleaned up and polished since then including bug fixes. We really like seeing the things Rayumi makes, as the art style is always executed very well.

Click To Play Crayon Poke!

Have fun Nitromians, more Pixel Love coming next week!

by Nitrome

Cooped Up is now live!

Hi Nitromians,

if you didn't guess already from the promo art around the site and the previous blog post, our new game 'Cooped Up' is now live on Apples App Store and the Goggle Play store. It should be live also on the Amazon App store any time now. It's the pricy price of freeeeeeeee so if you can afford that and have a pocket based computer thing you can go download it now!

The game is also coming to the Nitrome site but there will be a delay on that. Hopefully a lot less than there was on Silly Sausage! Were sorry for the delay there we want to bring the games to all formats simultaniously but it's very hard to get everything to align and the web version is the most different. Hopefully as we get the Web GL stuff up and running we can work on getting the process a little more streamlined! 

So heres the links:


Google Play


by Mat

Hi Nitromians,

We are releasing Cooped Up tomorrow, hurray!

Check out the trailer for more information!

by Nitrome

Green Ninja sketch!

Hey Nitromians,

We realise that news on the blog has been a little dry of late. Don't worry we haven't forgotten about you all, we have just been extremely busy making some brand new games (and updates to some existing ones).

Green Ninja: year of the frog has been in development for a while now, but we are really pleased by how it is finally coming together. We are currently working on tweaks to levels, animations and the title screen. We'll follow up in the coming weeks and show the game off to you all in motion.

We have a ton of exciting news and games coming, so stay tuned on the blog, facebook and Twitter feeds to find out what we are up to. =3

by Jon

Play Bed-Hogg!

Today's Pixel Love Game choice is Bed-Hogg!

Those of you that have played Nidhogg will have a good idea as to what to expect here. Two player action game in which you have to defeat the your opponent and make it out of the level! This have some wonderful animations on the Characters and the environment looks great!

Click To play Bed-Hogg!

We hope you enjoy this one, we'll bring you another pixel love choice next week!

by Nitrome

Silly Sausage in Meat Land is now available in the browser!

We will soon be offering a way for you to play this game in WebGL, which could mean you don't need the Unity Web Player. Google Chrome has now ended support for "Netscape Plugin Application Programming Interface" (or NPAPI). If you are experiencing issues playing the unity game, you could get a different browser that still supports this feature set.

We will also be putting up a technical post about WebGL in the coming days.

Click to Play Silly Sausage in Meat Land!

Until then, have fun everyone!

by Nitrome

We are thrilled to see that CupQuake (a Youtuber with some really cool "Let's Play" videos) has had such a great time playing Silly Sausage! We actually had fun watching her play the game, there were some really funny moments that we can all relate to whilst testing the game in the office before we released it! :)

Check the video out above!

How have you found the game? Let us know below!

by Nitrome

Play Greenie 2!

Hi Nitromians!

Today we are featuring Greenie 2 by LetMeThink as our Pixel Love choice!

We really enjoyed the mind bending puzzle mechanic in this one, called "Phase". You can turn passable areas inpassable by pressing spacebar. This becomes an important tool to aid your exploration of the levels.

Another great element in this game is that some enemy creatures are not harmful to the player at all, they just hinder your progress by blocking your path to the exit! We thought this was a nice idea.

You have to time your movements throughout the levels whilst blocking the critters from triggering buttons that close gates before you are able to pass!

We think you'll have a lot of fun playing this one!

We'll bring you another Pixel Love game next week, have fun!

by Nitrome

Hi Everyone,

I have managed to address the "private messages" bug. The problem was originally that people were not able to reply to private messages that they had received. It should now be resolved!

Feel free to try this out, if you are still having issues with this feature feel free to leave a comment below and I will read through them. I am still busy working through the bugs list from the last article and will update you with my progress as I get through them!

Thanks for your continued help everyone!

by Tom

Hi Nitromians!

In celebration of Magic Touch having over 3 million downloads to date we have prepared it’s first content update expanding all key areas:

  • New Spells to unlock!
  • New Shapes to draw!
  • New Knight types to defend against!
  • New Backgrounds!

We hope you enjoy the update. Next update is in development!

by Nitrome

Play Slimey's Quest

Today's Pixel Love game is "Slimey's Quest"!

Play as Slimey – a little slime who wants to go on an adventure. In this short platforming game you play as a slime who just wants to press buttons. Built for Ludum Dare 31, "Entire game on one screen", this is a highly polished little platform game. 

Have fun everyone, we'll bring you another Pixel Love game next week!

by Nitrome

Hi Nitromians!

I am going to carry out some server fixes starting early next week (most likely Monday). I'm sure that you may be wondering what that will mean for all of you, so I thought I'd give you all a bit of insight!

Well for starters, once I'm done, I should be able to get those problematic game comments back up and running! Also, I will be making a point of fixing some long standing issues and other things that may have got broken during the original server swap.

If there is anything in particular that you may have noticed, you'd be helping a lot by making a list of things that are broken in the comments below. It will be a great resource for me whilst tackling issues starting Monday!

You will most likely also notice a slight bit of downtime to the account functionality starting Monday. This is just so that we don't lose any of your data during the fixes we plan to carry out.

Well, we hope that you all enjoy your weekend!

by Tom

Magic Touch - Update 1

Hi Nitromians,

were about to head off for an Easter Break so how about 1 last preview before we go?

Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire has had over 3 million downloads so far and because were excited about that I think we went a little overboard with this update. We added new backgrounds, new spells and new knight types for you to contend with. You can see a couple of those things in the shot :) We are just about ready to submit the update for review so hopefully the update will be out in the next few weeks!

Have a great Easter everyone!

Click Here to see the full Shot.

by Mat

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